A Fluentd output plugin to send logs to falcon's push API

gem install fluent-plugin-out-falcon -v 0.1.9


fluent-plugin-out-falcon, a plugin for Fluentd

A fluentd output plugin for sending logs to falcon's push API.

Configuration options

record option will be posted to falcon. It can only be in one line(limited by fluentd), in the form as ([{ruby_hash_items},{ruby_hash_items},...]). The outsider () is used to avoid fluentd interpret this line as json. You can use tag, time and record variables while writing ruby_hash.

  @type dummy
  tag xx.yyy
  dummy {"ip":"", "data1":888, "data2": "message"} 
<match xx.yyy>
  type falcon
  endpoint_url    http://localhost:1988/v1/push
  records         ([{'metric'=>'number_data', 'endpoint'=>record['ip'], 'timestamp'=>time, 'value'=>record['data1'], 'step'=>1, 'counterType'=>'GAUGE', 'tags'=>nil}, {'metric'=>'string_data', 'endpoint'=>record['ip'], 'timestamp'=>time, 'value'=>record['data2'], 'step'=>1, 'counterType'=>'GAUGE', 'tags'=>nil}])
  rate_limit_msec 100    # default: 0 = no rate limiting
  raise_on_error  false  # default: true
  authentication  basic  # default: none
  username        alice  # default: ''
  password        bobpop # default: '', secret: true

Heavily based on fluent-plugin-out-http