Que instrumentation for the OpenTelemetry framework

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gem install opentelemetry-instrumentation-que -v 0.1.0


OpenTelemetry Ruby

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The Ruby OpenTelemetry client.


We'd love your help! Use tags good first issue and help wanted to get started with the project.

Please review the contribution instructions for important information on setting up your environment, running the tests, and opening pull requests.

The Ruby special interest group (SIG) meets regularly. See the OpenTelemetry community page repo for information on this and other language SIGs.

Approvers (@open-telemetry/ruby-approvers):

Find more about the approver role in community repository.

Maintainers (@open-telemetry/ruby-maintainers):

Find more about the maintainer role in community repository.


This repository includes multiple installable packages. The opentelemetry-api package includes abstract classes and no-op implementations that comprise the OpenTelemetry API following the specification. The opentelemetry-sdk package is the reference implementation of the API.

Libraries that produce telemetry data should only depend on opentelemetry-api, and defer the choice of the SDK to the application developer. Applications may depend on opentelemetry-sdk or another package that implements the API.

Please note that this library is currently in beta for tracing.

The API and SDK packages are available on, and can be installed via gem:

gem install opentelemetry-api
gem install opentelemetry-sdk

or via Bundler by adding the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'opentelemetry-api'
gem 'opentelemetry-sdk'

followed by:

bundle install

To install development versions of these packages, follow the Docker Setup instructions.

Quick Start

require 'opentelemetry/sdk'

# Configure the sdk with default export and context propagation formats
# see SDK#configure for customizing the setup

# To start a trace you need to get a Tracer from the TracerProvider
tracer = OpenTelemetry.tracer_provider.tracer('my_app_or_gem', '0.1.0')

# create a span
tracer.in_span('foo') do |span|
  # set an attribute
  span.set_attribute('platform', 'osx')
  # add an event
  span.add_event('event in bar')
  # create bar as child of foo
  tracer.in_span('bar') do |child_span|
    # inspect the span
    pp child_span

See the API Documentation for more detail, and the opentelemetry examples for a complete example including context propagation.

Instrumentation Libraries

This repository contains instrumentation libraries for many popular Ruby gems, including Rails, Rack, Sinatra, and others, so you can start using OpenTelemetry with minimal changes to your application. See the instrumentation README for more.


OpenTelemetry Ruby follows the versioning and stability document in the OpenTelemetry specification. Notably, we adhere to the outlined version numbering exception, which states that experimental signals may have a 0.x version number.

Who's using OpenTelemetry Ruby?

OpenTelemetry Ruby is in use by a number of companies, including:

If you would like to add your name to this list, please feel free to submit a pull request.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.