shelltestrunner (executable: shelltest) is a portable command-line tool for testing command-line ...
Latest release 1.9 - Updated - 74 stars
You can define your business processes by means of rules, written in Relation Algebra.
Latest release 3.1.0 - Updated - 32 stars
The Tamarin prover is a tool for the analysis of security protocols. It implements a constraint s...
Latest release - Updated - 130 stars
highlighting-kate is a syntax highlighting library with support for nearly one hundred languages....
Latest release 0.6.4 - Updated - 106 stars
Provides simple haskell functions to call external source code management systems. Currently git ...
Latest release 0.1.6 - Updated - 4 stars
Scholdoc is a command-line utility that converts ScholarlyMarkdown documents into the HTML5, LaTe...
Latest release 0.1.3 - Published - 285 stars
This is an internal library of the Tamarin prover for security protocol verification (hackage.has...
Latest release - Updated - 130 stars
This is an internal library of the Tamarin prover for security protocol verification (hackage.has...
Latest release - Updated - 130 stars
This is an internal library of the Tamarin prover for security protocol verification (hackage.has...
Latest release - Updated - 130 stars
This package contains a pretty-printing library, a set of API's that provides a way to easily pri...
Latest release 3.0 - Updated - 16 stars
lit has a minimal syntax for implementing literate programming. It generates both HTML and the na...
Latest release - Updated - 260 stars
A very simple file system interface for LIO. Labels are associated with files and directories in ...
Latest release - Updated - 40 stars
scyther-proof is a security protocol verification tool based on an algorithm similar to the Scyth...
Latest release - Updated - 8 stars
This library provides abstractions for managing SuperCollider server resources like node, buffer ...
Latest release 0.10.0 - Updated - 7 stars
A soccer game.
Latest release 0.1.2 - Updated - 7 stars
This library allows to create and control scsynth processes. ChangeLog:
Latest release 0.10.0 - Updated - 4 stars
Provides library functions to expose some commonly needed scm tasks to the user. Uses GTK+ and GT...
Latest release - Updated - 4 stars
Encoding for boolean and integral constraints into CNF-SAT. The encoder is provided as a State mo...
Latest release - Updated - 4 stars
It uses highlighting-kate to highlight any code inside pre / code with a class attribute hinting ...
Latest release 2009.7.5 - Updated - 1 stars
bamboo mini html5 theme
Latest release 2009.11.27 - Updated - 1 stars
Clone of Plan9's mk command, said to have "improved on make by removing all the vowels from the n...
Latest release - Updated - 11 stars
The Simple Yuser-friendly Lambda Visualization Interaction Application (SYLVIA) is a unique way t...
Latest release 0.2.2 - Updated - 10 stars
a dAmn ↔ IRC proxy
Latest release 0.11.0 - Updated - 10 stars
`hs-twitterarchiver ` is a tool for generating an archive of a user's Twitter feed, in a file on ...
Latest release 0.2 - Updated - 10 stars
This is a bunch of trivial routines for inspecting git repositories. It is in no way useful beyon...
Latest release - Updated - 7 stars
This package consist from console backend, GUI backend and Core module for Google Translate servi...
Latest release 0.2.1 - Updated - 6 stars
husky is a command line calculator with a small memory footprint. It can be used in a fashion sim...
Latest release 0.4 - Updated - 6 stars
A dynamic blog engine, customizable with standard web technology, i.e. HTML, CSS and Javascript (...
Latest release 1.1 - Updated - 5 stars
NOTE: Hackage does not know LAPACKE, therefore jalla and the documentation are not built there. Y...
Latest release - Updated - 5 stars
The executable hgom takes a module consisting of several abstract datatypes declarations as an in...
Latest release 0.6 - Updated - 5 stars