A utility function to make scoped dataflow components in Cycle.js
Latest release 5.2.0 - Updated - 9.68K stars
The Vega visualization grammar.
Latest release 5.13.0 - Updated - 8.55K stars
Interactive diagrams, charts, and graphs, such as trees, flowcharts, orgcharts, UML, BPMN, or bus...
Latest release 2.1.21 - Updated - 4.63K stars
A simple library for uni-directional dataflow application architecture inspired by ReactJS Flux
Latest release 6.4.1 - Updated - 5.37K stars
Data processing transforms for Vega dataflows.
Latest release 4.9.0 - Updated - 8.55K stars
Parse Vega specifications to runtime dataflows.
Latest release 6.0.2 - Updated - 8.55K stars
Reactive dataflow processing.
Latest release 5.7.0 - Updated - 8.55K stars
Custom error types and error factory functions
Latest release 1.2.17 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Lightweight transducer implementations for ES6 / TypeScript
Latest release 7.2.0 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Assorted common math functions & utilities
Latest release 2.0.1 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Common, generic types, interfaces & mixins
Latest release 6.12.0 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Collection of 50+ type, feature & value checks
Latest release 2.7.4 - Updated - 1.41K stars
JavaScript framework
Latest release 1.4.4 - Updated - 5.77K stars
Optimized 2d/3d/4d and arbitrary length vector operations
Latest release 4.5.5 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Wraps your Cycle.js main function with reducer-driven state management
Latest release 1.4.0 - Updated - 9.68K stars
Runtime support for Vega dataflows.
Latest release 6.1.0 - Updated - 8.55K stars
Pseudo-random number generators w/ unified API
Latest release 1.4.15 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Function memoization with configurable caching
Latest release 2.0.17 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Optimized functional composition helpers
Latest release 1.4.13 - Updated - 1.41K stars
95+ assorted binary / bitwise operations, conversions, utilities
Latest release 2.0.11 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Comparators with support for types implementing the @thi.ng/api/ICompare interface
Latest release 1.3.12 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Lightweight vanilla ES6 UI component trees with customizable branch-local behaviors
Latest release 9.0.0-alpha1 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Various string formatting & utility functions
Latest release 1.9.1 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Extensible deep value equivalence checking for any data types
Latest release 1.0.27 - Updated - 1.41K stars
HTML/SVG/XML serialization of nested data structures, iterables & closures
Latest release 3.5.5 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Immutable, optimized and optionally typed path-based object property / array accessors with struc...
Latest release 4.1.2 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Customizable diff implementations for arrays (sequential) & objects (associative), with or withou...
Latest release 3.2.27 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Scio - A Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow
Latest release 0.8.4 - Updated - 1.94K stars
Clojure inspired, composable ES6 iterators & generators
Latest release 5.1.34 - Updated - 1.41K stars
Dynamic, extensible multiple dispatch via user supplied dispatch function.
Latest release 1.2.21 - Updated - 1.41K stars

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