A simple and efficient JSON library for embedded C++. ArduinoJson supports ✔ serialization, ✔ des...
Latest release 6.17.2 - Updated - 4.94K stars
WiFi Configuration manager with web configuration portal for ESP boards
Latest release 2.0.4-beta - Updated - 4.39K stars
ESP8266 and ESP32 OLED driver for SSD1306 displays
I2C display driver for SSD1306 OLED displays connected to ESP8266, ESP32, Mbed-OS. The following ...
Latest release 4.2.0 - Updated - 1.36K stars
A TFT and ePaper SPI graphics library with optimisation for ESP8266, ESP32 and STM32
Latest release 2.3.59 - Updated - 1.12K stars
A small Arduino library for GPRS modules, that just works. Includes examples for Blynk, MQTT, Fil...
Latest release 0.10.9 - Updated - 1.08K stars
WS2812 FX Library for Arduino and ESP microprocessors
Latest release 1.3.2 - Updated - 987 stars
ESP8266/ESP32 WLAN configuration at runtime with web interface.
Latest release 1.2.2 - Updated - 465 stars
TTGO TWatch Library
Arduino Library for TTGO T-Watch development kit
Latest release 1.4.1 - Updated - 373 stars
Contains json parsing code which can parse members as well as sub members.
Latest release c1cd8e6ecd - Updated - 4.94K stars
Send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols (ESP8266/ESP32)
Latest release 2.7.14 - Updated - 1.61K stars
I2C display driver for SSD1306 OLED displays connected to ESP8266, ESP32, Mbed-OS
Latest release 4.1.0 - Updated - 1.36K stars
Audio file format and I2S DAC library
Latest release 1.8.1 - Updated - 929 stars
ESPHome - Reimagining DIY Home Automation.
Latest release 1.12.2 - Updated - 561 stars
esphomelib is a library designed to greatly simplify your firmware code for ESP32-based devices w...
Latest release 1.10.1 - Updated - 560 stars
VGA Controller, PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard Controller, Graphics Library, Sound Engine, Game Engine a...
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated - 503 stars
GUIslice embedded touchscreen GUI library in C for Arduino & Raspberry Pi. Drag & drop GUI suppor...
Latest release 0.16.0 - Updated - 442 stars
A library to make using WiFi & MQTT on the ESP8266 easy. This library makes creating MQTT sketche...
Latest release 1.7.6 - Updated - 308 stars
Watchy - An Open Source E-Paper Watch by SQFMI. This library contains drivers and code samples fo...
Latest release 1.2.2 - Updated - 258 stars
Complete interface builder for the M5Stack, an ESP32 based mini tinker-computer. See more on http...
Latest release 2.3.0 - Updated - 205 stars
AppleMIDI (aka rtpMIDI) MIDI I/Os for Arduino. AppleMIDI (also known as rtpMIDI) is a protocol to...
Latest release 3.0.0 - Updated - 166 stars
Make your apps loadable from the SD card
Latest release 1.0.4 - Updated - 158 stars
ESP8266 Influxdb
InfluxDB Client for Arduino. This library allows writing and reading data from InfluxDB server or...
Latest release 3.7.0 - Updated - 152 stars
Arduino library for debouncing momentary contact switches, detect press, release, long press and ...
Latest release 2.0.1 - Updated - 145 stars
Perform OTAs for ESP8266 or ESP32 Elegantly!
Latest release 2.2.4 - Updated - 75 stars
New Commands & Examples for the MHZ19 with Arduino, supporting hardware & software serial. Non-li...
Latest release 1.5.3 - Updated - 73 stars
Simple async HTTP to sit on ESPAsyncTCP.
Latest release 1.2.2 - Updated - 39 stars
Build a smartphone app for your project in minutes. Blynk allows creating IoT solutions easily. I...
Latest release 0.6.7 - Updated - 2.96K stars
ESP8266 and ESP32 Oled Driver for SSD1306 display
A I2C/SPI display driver for SSD1306 OLED displays connected to ESP8266 or ESP32
Latest release 4.0.0 - Published - 1.36K stars
ESP8266, ESP32 and Mbed-OS OLED Driver for SSD1306 displays
I2C display driver for SSD1306 OLED displays connected to ESP8266/ESP32/Mbed-OS
Latest release 4.1.0 - Published - 1.36K stars
ESP32 BLE Arduino
BLE functions for ESP32. This library provides an implementation Bluetooth Low Energy support for...
Latest release 1.0.1 - Updated - 520 stars

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