VDOM Transform for jupyter outputs
Latest release 4.0.16-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts
Latest release 1.5.2 - Updated - 3.72K stars
JupyterHub: A multi-user server for Jupyter notebooks
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 5.77K stars
Plotly Transform
Latest release 6.1.11-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Messaging mechanics for nteract apps (jupyter spec)
Latest release 7.0.9 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Dropdown Menu for nteract apps
Latest release 1.1.10-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
library for immutable notebook operations
Latest release 7.3.1 - Updated - 5.12K stars
GeoJSON Transform
Latest release 5.1.13 - Updated - 5.12K stars
The editor that lives inside cells in nteract
Latest release 10.1.1 - Updated - 5.12K stars
RxJS 5 bindings for the Jupyter Notebook API
Latest release 5.5.11 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Vega Transform
Latest release 7.0.11-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
React components for MathJax
Latest release 4.0.9 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Strips outputs from Jupyter and IPython notebooks
Latest release 0.3.9 - Updated - 632 stars
Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx
Latest release 0.7.1 - Updated - 246 stars
Generate profile report for pandas DataFrame
Latest release 2.9.0rc1 - Updated - 5.42K stars
Transform for debug usage with nteract models
Latest release 5.0.1 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Channeling jupyter over zmq
Latest release 9.1.22 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Diff and merge of Jupyter Notebooks
Latest release 6.0.0 - Updated - 1.55K stars
jupyter serverextension providing configuration interfaces for nbextensions.
Latest release 0.4.1 - Updated - 740 stars
Redux-Observable epics for nteract apps
Latest release 5.0.1 - Updated - 5.12K stars
css for use in nteract apps
Latest release 2.2.1 - Updated - 5.12K stars
RxJS bindings to Binder
Latest release 4.0.5 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Common transforms for Jupyter
Latest release 5.0.4-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
View a notebook using a React Component
Latest release 11.0.4-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Display area for nteract outputs
Latest release 5.0.4-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
Transform for data resource JSON
Latest release 5.0.4-alpha.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
A simple Time-Ago component for React
Latest release 3.6.5 - Updated - 5.12K stars
A React component for the monaco editor, tailored for nteract
Latest release 3.1.9 - Updated - 5.12K stars
CSS underpinnings of blueprint.js, packaged as global styled components
Latest release 2.1.0 - Updated - 5.12K stars
pytablewriter is a Python library to write a table in various formats: CSV / Elasticsearch / HTML...
Latest release 0.55.0 - Updated - 376 stars

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