Embedded Template Library
A C++ template library tailored for embedded systems.
Latest release 18.18.2 - Updated - 675 stars
Arduino WiFi library for ESP8266. Arduino WiFi library for ESP8266. Works only with SDK version 1...
Latest release 2.2.2 - Updated - 395 stars
Adafruit SleepyDog Library
Arduino library to use the watchdog timer for system reset and low power sleep.
Latest release 1.3.2 - Updated - 128 stars
An alternative library for use with the Arduboy game system. This is a fork of the Arduboy librar...
Latest release 6.0.0 - Updated - 118 stars
Low Power for Teensy 4.x/3.x/LC. Reduces power consumption by putting the Freescale Kinetis proce...
Latest release 6.3.9 - Updated - 103 stars
Upload sketch over network to Arduino board with WiFi or Ethernet libraries
Latest release 1.0.3 - Updated - 35 stars
Adafruit DAP library
Arduino library for DAP programming on ARM cortex microcontroller
Latest release 1.2.1 - Updated - 33 stars
uECC. A small and fast ECDH and ECDSA implementation for 8-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit processors.
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published - 686 stars
An Arduino library to control LEDs. JLed uses a non-blocking approach and can control LEDs in sim...
Latest release 4.5.2 - Updated - 175 stars
Battery Sense
Arduino battery sensing library. Monitor battery charge level in multiple configurations
Latest release 1.1.2 - Updated - 152 stars
Adafruit Circuit Playground
All in one library to control Adafruit's Circuit Playground board.
Latest release 1.11.2 - Updated - 121 stars
Biblioteca de tradução e facilitação de funções para Arduino em PT-BR. Esta biblioteca permite ao...
Latest release 1.0.2 - Updated - 93 stars
Arduino Library to gets the Manufacture Serial Number from the Atmel AVR, SAM, SAMD, STM32, and E...
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 85 stars
PulseSensor Playground
Support at PulseSensor.com. Code and Examples for PulseSensor from PulseSensor.com
Latest release 1.5.1 - Updated - 77 stars
💪 Power-ups for Arduino streams. Improve performance with a buffer. Simplify debugging by logging...
Latest release 1.5.0 - Updated - 59 stars
A unit testing framework for Arduino platforms inspired by ArduinoUnit and Google Test. The unit ...
Latest release 1.4 - Updated - 58 stars
STM32duino Examples
Provides several examples for the Arduino core for STM32 MCUs. Arduino STM32 core, libraries and ...
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 46 stars
A port of uClibc++ packaged as an Arduino library. This library includes important C++ functions,...
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 42 stars
Adafruit UNTZtrument
Adafruit UNTZtrument
Latest release 2.0.1 - Updated - 20 stars
Run npm commands in other directories
Latest release 2.0.0 - Updated - 6 stars
Arduino library which provides easy connectivity to WolkAbout IoT Platform.
Latest release 4.0.0 - Updated - 4 stars
Given a file path and a list of file extensions, find a file that exists
Latest release 1.0.5 - Updated - 2 stars
Simplest kernel for multythreading. Simplest kernel what implement yield() function for iterative...
Latest release 1a4e504c5f - Updated - 726 stars
Flexible test framework for arduino projects. Flexible testing framework for arduino projects. Su...
Latest release 3.0.4 - Updated - 309 stars
Arduino Light Animation (ALA) library. Arduino Light Animation (ALA) is a library for Arduino boa...
Latest release 2.3.8 - Updated - 82 stars
A dead-simple tracing library to debug your programs. You'll never find a simpler tracing library...
Latest release 1.1.2 - Updated - 73 stars
TOTP library
Library to generate Time-based One-Time Passwords. Implements the Time-based One-Time Password al...
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 71 stars
A library for implementing a finite state machine. Supports events for exiting and entering states.
Latest release 2.2.0 - Updated - 68 stars
Adafruit PixelDust
Arduino library for particle simulation
Latest release 1.1.0 - Updated - 60 stars
Library to read and parse .ini files. IniFile is a library to read and parse .ini files as used b...
Latest release 1.2.2 - Updated - 55 stars

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