Xcode 5+ only. This plug-in allow developers to quickly post gist's to GitHub directly from XCode...
Latest release - Published - 13 stars
Push Popcorn
A theme made by Andrea Gelati.
Latest release - Published
Clean (move) expired and duplicate profiles out your Xcode Provisioning profile folder.
Latest release - Published - 18 stars
Simultaneous editing inspired by Sublime Text, for Xcode.
Latest release v1.0.2 - Published - 282 stars
xCode plugin which fold all methods of a source file when opening..
Latest release - Published - 23 stars
Create build variables that you will be able to edit easily via the Edit menu in Xcode
Latest release - Published - 8 stars
Strings Dictionary
Template which makes creation of the strings dictionary files a lot easier
Latest release - Published - 7 stars
Create your own custom templates on a per-project basis, and share with other project collaborato...
Latest release - Published - 204 stars
A plug-in for Swift projects, which adds calls to super in certains methods like viewDidLoad etc.
Latest release v1.0 - Published - 10 stars
Customize the drop-down menu for suggested colors in the Interface Builder
Latest release - Published - 88 stars
Swift Refactorator
Refactor names of functions, vars, methods enums etc. inside Xcode Editor.
Latest release 2.1.0 - Published - 959 stars
Swift MVVM
Generates swift templates using MVVM (model view view model) design pattern
Latest release - Published - 28 stars
Swift Singleton
Xcode File Templates for singleton class in Swift.
Latest release - Published - 11 stars
An Xcode plug-in to format your code using SwiftLint.
Latest release v0.2.1 - Published - 238 stars
SwiftyJSON makes it easy to deal with JSON data in Swift.
Latest release 4.3.0 - Published - 19.8K stars
Generates swift templates using VIPER (view-interactor-presenter-entity-routing) design pattern
Latest release - Published - 6 stars
Simply turns the swipe-to-navigate-files gesture on/off in the source editor.
Latest release - Published - 8 stars
Universal App iOS templates without Storyboard or XIBs, with Launchscreen in all sizes. For Xcode...
Latest release - Published - 24 stars
Easy on the eyes gray theme by mysteriouss.
Latest release - Published
Dark color scheme with material design flat color palette.
Latest release - Published
NSAtomicStore Template
Template for creating a concrete NSAtomicStore
Latest release - Published - 1 stars
Oceanic Next
A colorful and vibrant Xcode theme, ported from the excellent Oceanic Next Theme.
Latest release - Published - 40 stars
Plugin for adding OpenFrameworks addons to projects
Latest release xcode-7.3 - Published - 261 stars
Open With Application
An Xcode plugin to open the current document or project in the finder, the terminal or your exter...
Latest release 1.31 - Published - 14 stars
One Dusk
One Dark Theme + Dusk Theme = One Dark Colors with Dusk idea of separating iOS code from Custom c...
Latest release - Published - 7 stars
A plugin to quickly open source files in Sublime Text
Latest release 1.4.3 - Published - 58 stars
Generate a resource file like the automatically. Make you access colors, images or strings...
Latest release v0.2.4 - Published - 41 stars
Prettifies source code by aligning elements in a visually pleasing way.
Latest release - Published - 181 stars
Retro Borland TurboC++
An oldschool Borland TurboC++ inspired theme for Xcode
Latest release - Published - 3 stars
A theme base on dusk.
Latest release - Published

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