On Linux, Unix or OSX /dev/random can be used to create really secure passwords from random bytes...
Latest release 0.1.5 - Updated - 2 stars
Upload your projects to Github in a snap! Start a new project, run Fast Github and go. That's all...
Latest release 0.1.1 - Updated - 13 stars
Checks YAML, JSON, Ruby, ERB, and other syntaxes, then reports errors and OKs in a nice way for y...
Latest release 0.3.0 - Updated
Generates Jekyll pages for overview, security, and resource documentation s...
Latest release 0.0.12 - Updated - 4 stars
Define, enforce, and handle violations of validation rules for Chef node attributes. This gem pr...
Latest release 0.9.0 - Updated - 13 stars
A window automation tool
Latest release 0.0.5 - Updated - 2 stars
You can sync local and remote ics file(s) to google calendar
Latest release 0.5.2 - Updated - 11 stars
Daemonize Rails will configure your server to add a new process for your rails app in production.
Latest release 0.0.3 - Updated - 2 stars
Eliminates the tedium of hunting for answers to common programming questions
Latest release 0.0.1 - Published