Moby Project - a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based sy...
Latest release v299999999.0.0-20200612211812-aaf470eca7b5+incompatible - Updated - 61.2K stars
Go client for Kubernetes.
Latest release v11.0.1-0.20190708175431-afdf2039de59+incompatible - Updated - 5.15K stars
Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
Latest release v3.5.0 - Updated - 37.3K stars
The Go language implementation of gRPC. HTTP/2 based RPC
Latest release v1.42.0-dev - Updated - 14.5K stars
AWS SDK for the Go programming language.
Latest release v1.40.46-0.20210921002743-f3fff59ed604 - Updated - 7.12K stars
YAML support for the Go language.
Latest release v2.4.0 - Updated - 5.04K stars
A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
Latest release v1.2.2-0.20210826031853-4fd30b69ee2b - Updated - 23K stars
GoMock is a mocking framework for the Go programming language.
Latest release v1.6.1-0.20210917150634-40d81f1eadd8 - Updated - 6.19K stars
Golang gRPC Middlewares: interceptor chaining, auth, logging, retries and more.
Latest release v2.0.0-rc.2.0.20210831071041-dd1540ef8252 - Updated - 3.97K stars
Fuzz testing for go.
Latest release v1.2.1-0.20210831172150-f12f061189cc - Updated - 1.12K stars
Go library for the TOML file format
Latest release v2.0.0-beta.3.0.20210910012514-ee9b902222c3 - Updated - 1.09K stars
Go App Engine packages
Latest release v2.0.0-rc2.0.20210813232457-f21633ba21a2 - Updated - 597 stars
reflect api without runtime reflect.Value cost
Latest release v1.0.2 - Updated - 478 stars
Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management
Latest release v1.23.0-alpha.2.0.20210920231022-c4587a62f9a2 - Updated - 81K stars
The toolkit to pack, ship, store, and deliver container content
Latest release v3.0.0-20210826081326-677772e08d64 - Updated - 6.31K stars
A FileSystem Abstraction System for Go
Latest release v1.6.0 - Updated - 3.95K stars
OpenTracing API for Go
Latest release v1.2.1-0.20210914014443-e2cb74943cd8 - Updated - 3.14K stars
Package ini provides INI file read and write functionality in Go
Latest release v1.63.2 - Updated - 2.67K stars
Google Cloud Client Libraries for Go.
Latest release v0.95.0 - Updated - 2.65K stars
groupcache is a caching and cache-filling library, intended as a replacement for memcached in man...
Latest release v0.0.0-20210331224755-41bb18bfe9da - Updated - 10.4K stars
CLI tool for spawning and running containers according to the OCI specification
Latest release v1.0.2 - Updated - 8.41K stars
Leveled execution logs for Go
Latest release v1.0.0 - Updated - 2.9K stars
Package ini provides INI file read and write functionality in Go
Latest release v1.63.2 - Updated - 2.67K stars
BTree provides a simple, ordered, in-memory data structure for Go programs.
Latest release v1.0.2-0.20210830194833-ac7cc57f11e6 - Updated - 2.37K stars
Go bindings to systemd socket activation, journal, D-Bus, and unit files
Latest release v22.3.3-0.20210729070054-f9f254610339 - Updated - 1.65K stars
procfs provides functions to retrieve system, kernel and process metrics from the pseudo-filesyst...
Latest release v0.7.4-0.20210920090248-31627db7c2c0 - Updated - 478 stars
High-Performance server for, the cloud and edge native messaging system.
Latest release v2.5.0 - Updated - 9.85K stars
An open and reliable container runtime
Latest release v1.5.5 - Updated - 9.29K stars
YAML support for the Go language.
Latest release v3.0.0-20210107192922-496545a6307b - Updated - 5.04K stars
Golang client for NATS, the cloud native messaging system.
Latest release v1.12.2 - Updated - 3.56K stars

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