PLHNChardetClass 2.0.0
NuGet - Published
4ps.Library.Tools 3.0.0
Library with functions on every little server project.
NuGet - Published
MyCommonClass 1.0.0
NuGet - Published
TBB.ActionFramework.Client 0.0.1
TBB.ActionFramework 的调用客户端
NuGet - Published
RetailNextDetect 1.0.0
My package description.
NuGet - Published
AirTickets.Common.Library 2.0.0
Common package for AirTickets project.
NuGet - Published
NuGet - Published
Protobuf.Gen.Core 1.0.0
基于插件机制的Google Protobuf代码生成工具
NuGet - Published
MiaPlaza.ExpressionUtils 1.0.0
Efficient Processing, Compilation, and Execution of Expression Trees at Runtime
NuGet - Published
MoqMeUp 1.0.1
Container that creates mocks for all the dependencies of a class.
NuGet - Updated
SqlOverHttp.Shared 0.1.0
Sql over Http Shared.
NuGet - Published
PLHJsonClass 2.0.0
JSON 操作类
NuGet - Published
Grappachu.Core 1.0.0
Just a small bunch of utilities for .NET Projects
NuGet - Published
Cake.BuildSystems.Module 0.1.0-unstable0030
This Cake module will introduce a number of features for running in hosted CI build environments ...
NuGet - Updated
Altis.CommonLogin.Owin 1.0.0
Common login module for OWIN websites
NuGet - Published
Common.Library 1.0.0
My package description.
NuGet - Published
LibraryContainer 2016.2.23.1
Collection of AirTickets libraries
NuGet - Published
Satori.RTM.SDK 1.0.0-alpha
Satori is a cloud-based, live data ecosystem that manages any form of schema-less real-time live ...
NuGet - C# - Other - Published
SqlOverHttp.Client 0.1.6
Sql over Http frontend.
NuGet - Updated
ClickHouse.Ado 1.0.0
.NET driver for Yandex ClickHouse. It implements native ClickHouse protocol with data compression...
NuGet - C# - MIT - Published - 9 stars
Register MediatR with SimpleInjector
NuGet - C# - Updated
Amazon.Lambda.LexEvents 1.0.0
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Amazon Lex package.
NuGet - Published
Naxam.Ittianyu.BottomNavExtension 1.1.7
Xamarin Binding Library - Ittianyu BottomNavigationViewEx
NuGet - C# - MIT - Published
reject for method.
NuGet - C# - MIT - Updated
Insanity.Testing.Integration.Data 1.0.0
A library to enable deployment of Sql Databases using the DAC framework.
NuGet - JavaScript - Published
NuGet - Published
Jagged.Diagnostics.EnterpriseLibrary 1.18.0
Jagged Diagnostics EnterpriseLibrary Artefacts
NuGet - Published
SpiceLogicWebApiClient 1.0.0
A simple Web Api Client that does not depend on anything other than simply.NET Framework. Not eve...
NuGet - Published
Jagged.Http 1.1.0
Jagged Http utilities
NuGet - Published
DotNet.Startup 1.0.0
Enables you to define your application initialization workflow just like in ASP.NET Core
NuGet - C# - Unlicense - Published

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