Plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3: converter from ASCII to hex, and from hex to ASCII

text manipulation, hexadecimal, ASCII, converter


Sublime Text 2 ASCII<->Hex converter Plugin

Sublime Text 2 plugin to convert ASCII->Hex and Hex->ASCII


Just select the string, then use key bindings, menu "Selection" or context menu to convert it.

Key bindings

for Windows and Linux

ASCII->Hex ctrl+', ctrl+h
Hex->ASCII ctrl+h, ctrl+'

for OSX

ASCII->Hex super+', super+h
Hex->ASCII super+h, super+'

Some isssues

If you really want to help me (it will be very nice ^^'), just see this code and mail me(sazalexnev @ gmail.com), how I can improve it. This "big plugin" is just pre-relise, some kind of, you know ;)