The better font manager for OS X




The better font manager for OS X

(1) Max (named after Max Miedinger, the designer of Helvetica), is a CLI for installing and managing 3rd party fonts on OS X.

(2) Homebrew for fonts.


curl -s -l | bash


Install a font

max install <font name>

Install a font family

max install --family <font family name>

Preview a font/family

max preview (--family) <font/family name>

Browse all of the available fonts in the Registry

Submitting a font/family


  1. To submit a font to Max, first clone this repository. Next, create a JSON file with 3 properties. The name of the font, a direct URL to download the font, and the SHA256 hash of the font (shasum -a 256 <font location>). This hash must be valid or Max will not install the font. See: this example font JSON file.

  2. Copy the JSON file to /.Registry/Fonts/. Make sure the name of the file is the all-lowercase version of the name you entered in the JSON file.

  3. Submit a pull request.


  1. To submit a font family to Max, first submit the individual fonts making up the family. Each font included in the family must be in the Registry before-hand.

  2. Make a new JSON file with 2 properties: name and fonts. The name is the name of the font family, and fonts is an array of the fonts that make up the family. See: this example family JSON file.

  3. Copy that file to the /.Registry/Families directory with the name being the all-lowercase version of the name property of the family's JSON file

  4. Submit a pull request.


Code is under the Apache License.