C module OpenSSL import for Perfect (Linux).

openssl, perfect



OpenSSL module for Perfect

This files in this repository are part of the requirements for Swift Package Manager support and should not need to be manually cloned.


Repository Layout

We have finished refactoring Perfect to support Swift Package Manager. The Perfect project has been split up into the following repositories:

  • Perfect - This repository contains the core PerfectLib and will continue to be the main landing point for the project.
  • PerfectTemplate - A simple starter project which compiles with SPM into a stand-alone executable HTTP server. This repository is ideal for starting on your own Perfect based project.
  • PerfectDocs - Contains all API reference related material.
  • PerfectExamples - All the Perfect example projects and documentation.
  • PerfectEverything - This umbrella repository allows one to pull in all the related Perfect modules in one go, including the servers, examples, database connectors and documentation. This is a great place to start for people wishing to get up to speed with Perfect.
  • PerfectServer - Contains the PerfectServer variants, including the stand-alone HTTP and FastCGI servers. Those wishing to do a manual deployment should clone and build from this repository.
  • Perfect-Redis - Redis database connector.
  • Perfect-SQLite - SQLite3 database connector.
  • Perfect-PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL database connector.
  • Perfect-MySQL - MySQL database connector.
  • Perfect-MongoDB - MongoDB database connector.
  • Perfect-FastCGI-Apache2.4 - Apache 2.4 FastCGI module; required for the Perfect FastCGI server variant.

The database connectors are all stand-alone and can be used outside of the Perfect framework and server.

Further Information

For more information on the Perfect project, please visit