Small Socket abstraction for Swift HTTP server (working with those casts is a nightmare!)



Simple Socket library

This library abstracts all complexity of the POSIX socket interface into some very simple interface that is easy to use and relatively foolproof.


To compile you'll need to have clang installed. Just enter make in the toplevel directory. It will build a static library (libUnchainedSocket.a) and a small demo program.

If you want to install to your system (as needed for the swift build system to pick up the library file) just enter make install. It will install to /usr/local/{lib,include} by default but you may customize by setting DESTDIR (like make install DESTDIR=./install).


C interface:

#include <unchainedSocket/server.h>

// data receive callback
bool receiveCallback(Connection *connection, void *userData, const char *data, size_t size) {
	// log the data
    printf("[%d] %s:%d: %s\n", connection->id, connection->remoteIP, connection->remotePort, data);
    // return `true` continue receiving data
    return true;

// initialize server for all network interfaces on port 4567
// with IPv6 enabled and 10 seconds idle timeout
ServerHandle handle = server_init("*", "4567", false, 10);
if (handle == NULL) {
    printf("Unable to initialize server!\n");
// start listening with 10 parallel worker threads
if (!server_start(handle, &receiveCallback, NULL, 10)) {
    printf("Unable to listen to socket!\n");
// Now go into main loop of your program or just suspend the thread somehow

Swift should work analogous but does currently not work correctly.


Copyright (c) 2015 Johannes Schriewer, licensed under 3 Clause BSD License, see LICENSE.txt for full license text.