A lot of shortcodes to show posts

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=== Albnet Shortcodes ===
Contributors: albreis
Tags: uikit, albreis
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License: GPL 3.0
License URI:
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: 4.3

== Description ==

This plugin add new shortocodes to wordpress

= Links =
* [Website](
* [Documentation](
* [Support](
* [Albnet Shortcodes PRO](

= PRO =
The Albnet Shortcodes plugin is also available in a professional version which includes more layouts, more functionality, and more flexibility! [Learn more](

= Features =
* Simple & Intuitive
* Powerful Functions
* Many layout Types
* Extensive Documentation

== Instalation ==

From your WordPress dashboard

1. **Visit** Plugins > Add New
2. **Search** for "Albnet Shortcodes"
3. **Activate** Albnet Shortcodes from your Plugins page
4. **Click** on the new menu item "Albnet Shortcodes" to views plugin settings!
5. **Read** the documentation to [get started](

Use [albnet_shortcode] to show plugin in code.

Shortcodes options:

**layout**: card, horizontal, slideshow, archive
Block layout

**show_ads**: boolean
Show Ads

**ads_step**: number
Ads frequency to show

**image_size**: 300x300
Thumbnail image size

**title**: string
Section title

**post_type**: string
Post type for filter loop

**posts_per_page**: int
Posts per page

**paged**: int
Current page

**show_pagination**: boolean
Show pagination (for achive layout only)

**offset**: int
Number to start from getting posts

**taxonomy**: string
Taxonomy to filter (default: category)

**field**: string
Field to filter (default: slug)

**terms**: string
Terms to filter

**only_with_thumb**: boolean
Show only posts with featured image

**show_thumb**: boolean
Show thumbnail

**show_video**: boolean
Show video player embeded

**show_title**: boolean
Show post title

**show_excerpt**: boolean
Show post title

**show_author**: boolean
Show author

**show_date**: boolean
Show date

**show_times_ago**: boolean
Show time ago

**show_category**: boolean
Show category

**show_comments**: boolean
Show comments count

**title_icon**: string
Title to show before icon. Accept HTML. Default is empty

**container_class**: string
Class to loop container. Default: empty

**item_class**: string
Class to add to item in loop. Default: empty

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

**Help Desk.** Support is currently provided via our email help desk. Questions are generally answered within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends and holidays. We answer questions related to Albnet Shortcodes, its usage and provide minor customization guidance. We cannot guarantee support for questions which include custom theme code, or 3rd party plugin conflicts & compatibility. [Open a Support Ticket](

= What kind of support do you provide? =

== Screenshots ==

1. Clean layout for posts

== Changelog ==

1.0.0 First version

1.0.1 Add docs for shortcode options in installation instructions

1.1.1 Add settings page and Ads configuration option