This WordPress plugin helps to change the default placeholder 'Enter title here' (Legacy) or 'Add Title' (Gutenberg) to what user wanted, especially when dealing with Custom Post Type.

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Enter Title Here Changer

Using this plugins helps you to change the default placeholder in the title field when creating a new post. This is helpful especially when using a Custom Post Type. For example, for a movie Custom Post Type, instead of Enter title here can be changed to Enter Movie Title.

Why you need to replace the title placeholder text?

By replacing the placeholder text when creating a new post, help to instruct users to use for enter the name or title of the post.

This plugin is inspired by an article at WPBeginner.

Bug Report

If you spotted a bug, you are welcome to report on GitHub.


Go to the Settings -> Writing menu to manage the placeholder.

== Frequently Asked Questions == = Do this plugin work in Multisite? = No, the plugin does not work in Multisite. But it will be added in the later version.