Utility functions shared by react-highlight-words and react-native-highlight-words

highlighter, highlight, text, words, matches, substring, occurrences, search
npm install highlight-words-core@1.2.2


Utility functions shared by react-highlight-words and react-native-highlight-words.


The primary API for this package is a function exported as findAll. This method searches a string of text for a set of search terms and returns an array of "chunks" that describe the matches found.

Each "chunk" is an object consisting of a pair of indices (chunk.start and chunk.end) and a boolean specfifying whether the chunk is a match (chunk.highlight). For example:

import { findAll } from "highlight-words-core";

const textToHighlight = "This is some text to highlight.";
const searchWords = ["This", "i"];

const chunks = findAll({

const highlightedText = chunks
  .map(chunk => {
    const { end, highlight, start } = chunk;
    const text = textToHighlight.substr(start, end - start);
    if (highlight) {
      return `<mark>${text}</mark>`;
    } else {
      return text;

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The findAll function accepts several parameters, although only the searchWords array and textToHighlight string are required.

Parameter Required? Type Description
autoEscape boolean Escape special regular expression characters
caseSensitive boolean Search should be case sensitive
findChunks Function Custom find function (advanced)
sanitize Function Custom sanitize function (advanced)
searchWords Array<string> Array of words to search for
textToHighlight string Text to search and highlight


MIT License - fork, modify and use however you want.