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webpackcf 0.0.1
it is based webpack
npm - ISC - Published
inputmonitor 1.0.0
An Input Monitor for GPIOs on Raspberry PI with Debounce
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Published
patternengine-node-react-mustache 1.0.2
The Mustache engine for Pattern Lab / Node
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Published - 3 stars
grunt-translate-extract-ts 0.0.3
Automatically extracts translatable strings from source code.
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Published
A way of running any IO type and capturing any exception, maybe, I think...
Hackage - Haskell - BSD-3-Clause - Updated - 1 stars
A module for bookkeeping by double entry. This module provides a way to do bookkeeping programmat...
Hackage - Haskell - MIT - Published
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mocha 3.2.0
simple, flexible, fun test framework
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Updated - 11.6K stars
chai 4.0.0-canary.1
BDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and the browser. Test framework agnostic.
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Updated - 3.82K stars
rake 12.0.0
Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard...
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 851 stars
bundler 1.14.4
Bundler manages an application's dependencies through its entire life, across many machines, syst...
Rubygems - Ruby - MIT - Updated - 3.7K stars
lodash 4.17.4
Lodash modular utilities.
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Updated - 21.6K stars
eslint 3.15.0
An AST-based pattern checker for JavaScript.
npm - JavaScript - MIT - Updated - 6.93K stars
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TP api with express-generator and mongoDB
Published - 0 stars
Automatic bash script for msfconsole/venom
Shell - Last pushed - 0 stars
Some code for interview of python.
Updated - 0 stars
Conway's Game of Life for reading-vimrc participations
HTML - MIT - Last pushed - 1 stars
Send sms
Published - 0 stars
Quelques exercices pour debuter avec Node Package Manager
Published - 0 stars
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