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Supported Package Managers

Go 1.72M Packages

npm 1.19M Packages

Packagist 300K Packages

PyPI 216K Packages

NuGet 187K Packages

Maven 185K Packages

Rubygems 160K Packages

Bower 69.6K Packages

CocoaPods 65.4K Packages

WordPress 64.3K Packages

CPAN 37.2K Packages

Cargo 32.2K Packages

Clojars 24.2K Packages

CRAN 16.3K Packages

Hackage 14.3K Packages

Meteor 13.4K Packages

Atom 12.7K Packages

Hex 9.04K Packages

Pub 8.55K Packages

PlatformIO 6.48K Packages

Puppet 6.36K Packages

Emacs 4.79K Packages

Homebrew 4.7K Packages

SwiftPM 4.21K Packages

Carthage 3.74K Packages

Julia 3.05K Packages

Sublime 2.01K Packages

Dub 1.84K Packages

conda 1.78K Packages

Racket 1.63K Packages

Elm 1.51K Packages

Haxelib 1.4K Packages

Nimble 1.11K Packages

Jam 772 Packages

Alcatraz 464 Packages

PureScript 377 Packages

Inqlude 224 Packages

Shards 33 Packages

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