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Search Haskell source code from the command line. Powered by ghc-exactprint.
Latest release 0.1 - Updated - 53 stars
This is a command-line wrapper around htoml-megaparsec. It is intended to be used as a syntax che...
Latest release - Updated - 12 stars
A partial binary associative operator (appendMaybe :: a -> a -> Maybe a)
Latest release - Updated - 4 stars
A partial binary associative operator (appendMaybe :: a -> a -> Maybe a)
Latest release - Published - 4 stars
A partial binary associative operator (appendMaybe :: a -> a -> Maybe a)
Latest release - Updated - 4 stars

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Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line ...
Latest release - Updated - 9.53K stars
Cryptol is a domain-specific language for specifying cryptographic algorithms. A Cryptol implemen...
Latest release 2.5.0 - Updated - 624 stars
X.509 Certificate and CRL validation
Latest release 1.6.9 - Updated - 42 stars
Provides basic WAI handler and middleware functionality: WAI Testing Framework Hspec testing...
Latest release - Updated - 447 stars
This utility converts and sends Haskell projects hpc code coverage to coverall.io. Usage Belo...
Latest release 1.0.10 - Updated - 53 stars

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[Index] For package maintainers and hackage trustees Translate your Haskell types to Pure...
Latest release - Updated - 46 stars
Monoids for calculation of statistics of sample. This approach allows to calculate many statistic...
Latest release 1.0.0 - Updated - 1 stars
Streaming compression/decompression via conduits.
Latest release - Updated - 3 stars
A family of combinators for defining webservices APIs and serving them You can learn about the b...
Latest release - Updated - 838 stars
Please see README.md
Latest release - Updated - 1 stars

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Torsor Typeclass
Latest release 0.1 - Published
QuickCheck common typeclasses
Latest release 0.1 - Published
A partial binary associative operator (appendMaybe :: a -> a -> Maybe a)
Latest release - Published - 4 stars
This module provides types and on the wire de/coding of EAP packets as per RFC 3748
Latest release - Published
More or less fully functional translation framework, based on haskell-gettext and text-format-hea...
Latest release - Published

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The BNF Converter is a compiler construction tool generating a compiler front-end from a Labelled...
Latest release 2.8.1 - Updated - 201 stars
Elm aims to make client-side web-development pleasant. It is a statically/strongly typed, functio...
Latest release 0.15 - Updated - 3.91K stars
This package comes "Batteries Included" with many useful lenses for the types commonly used from ...
Latest release 4.15.4 - Updated - 1.16K stars
An efficient compact, immutable byte string type (both strict and lazy) suitable for binary or 8-...
Latest release - Updated - 68 stars
Provides tools for working with regular arrangements of tiles, such as might be used in a board g...
Latest release 7.8.9 - Updated - 64 stars

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