Helping you make more informed decisions about the software you use.

Libraries.io indexes data from 2,636,301 projects from 36 package managers. We monitor project releases, analyse each project's code, community, distribution and documentation, and we map the relationships between projects when they're declared as a dependency. The 'dependency tree' that emerges is the core of the services that we provide.

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The majority of publication and distribution channels do not provide sufficient tools for developers to discover libraries that could be valuable to them. Similarly they do not provide adequate information for individuals to judge the merit of one library over another when they tackle similar issues or solve similar problems.

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The software we depend upon is constantly shifting and in need of continuous monitoring and management. By analysing libraries and understanding the relationships between them, we can automate much of this.

Similarly we can help you maintain your open source library by reflecting the state of the ecosystem back at you. Exposing the network of consumers who depend upon your software and the characteristics of the projects your software is deployed within.

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Libraries.io tracks releases from 2,636,301 projects on 36 package managers in one place. Subscribe to a project and receive notifications of new versions or tags for platforms like Bower and Go that don't store release information centrally.

Supported Package Managers

Libraries.io supports the following package managers. For more detail check out our compatibility matrix.


What About Package Manager X?

Some package managers require compilation before parsing their dependencies, some we simply haven't got around to yet. Luckily Libraries.io is an open source project so if you need to add a new package manager then you can. You can find everything you need to get started in our documentation.

Why Are You Doing This?

Improving the quality of all software.

Our goal is to raise the quality of all software, by raising the quality and frequency of contributions to free and open source software; the services, frameworks, plugins and tools we collectively refer to as libraries. We do this by tackling three problems:

  • Discovery: Helping developers make faster, more informed decisions about the software that they use.
  • Maintainability: Helping maintainers understand more about the software they depend upon and the consumers of their software.
  • Sustainability: Supporting undervalued software by highlighting shortfalls in contribution and funneling support to them.

If you’d like to know why we think this is the right approach then check out our strategy.

Who Is Working On This (And Can I Help)?

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YES! Libraries.io is an inclusive community of people working together. So please, come on in.

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Libraries.io is an inclusive community of people working together openly.