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Tiny framework for generating identicons
Latest release 1.0.1 - Published - 62 stars
implementation (no documentation) part of "compiler"
Latest release v6.12 - Published - 2.87K stars
Library for handling zo files
Latest release v6.12 - Published - 2.87K stars
Racket compilation tools, such as `raco exe'
Latest release v6.12 - Published - 2.87K stars
tests for "net-lib"
Latest release v6.12 - Published - 2.87K stars

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Like Webpack, unlike-assets builds any asset in any way. Use for complex web applications, encodi...
Latest release - Published
Render LaTeX formulas as picts. The picts are vector based, so you can scale them without problem...
Latest release - Published
Typed variant of #lang plai. Forked from plai-typed, brought closer to #lang plai.
Latest release - Published
colorize your console
Latest release - Published
Latest release - Published

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