Single-page chat with Tinode

Single-page web chat application built with Tinode. The app uses React, Google's material design fonts and icons. The Tinode javascript SDK has no external dependencies. Overall it's a lot like open source WhatsApp or Telegram web apps.

The app is about 200KB minified and gzipped. That includes all dependencies (React, ReactDOM), fonts, graphics, css etc.

Although the app is generally usable, keep in mind that this is work in progress. Some bugs probably exist. The app was tested in the latest Chrome & Firefox only. NPM package is available at

Try possibly newer or older version live at For passwords for demo accounts and other instructions see here.

Getting support


The app is fully internationalized using React-Intl. The UI language is selected automatically from the language specified by the browser. A specific language can be forced by adding hl=XX parameter to the URL, i.e.

As of the time of this writing the following translations exist: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese. More translations are welcome. Send a pull request with a json file with translated strings. Take a look at English, Russian, or Simplified Chinese translations for guidance.

Missing functionality

  • Previews not generated for videos, audio, links or docs.
  • No end-to-end encryption.
  • Emoji support is weak.


Push notifications

If you want to use the app with your own server and want web push notification to work you have to set them up:

  • Register at, set up the project if you have not done so already.
  • Open, navigate to your project the to Cloud Messaging.
  • Locate firebase-init.js in the root folder of your copy of this web app. Get Sender ID and Web Push certificate from copy Sender ID (Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging, "Sender ID") to messagingSenderId field, copy Web Push certificate (Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging -> Web configuration -> Web Push certificates) to messagingVapidKey field.
  • Copy Google-provided server key to tinode.conf, see details here.

Responsive design

Desktop screenshot

Desktop web: full app

Mobile screenshots

Mobile web: contacts Mobile web: chat Mobile web: topic info Mobile web: start new chat