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acl, python, ciscoasa, ciscoios, routing, networking
pip install aclhound==1.8.2



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ACLHound takes as input policy language following a variant of the AFPL2 syntax and compiles a representation specific for the specified vendor which can be deployed on firewall devices.

Table of contents

Design goals

ACLHound is designed to assist humans in managing hundreds of ACLs across tens of devices. One key focus point is maximum re-usability of ACL components such as groups of hosts, groups of ports and the policies themselves.

Supported devices

  • Cisco ASA
    • No support for ASA 9.1.2 or higher (yet)
  • Cisco IOS
    • Will autodetect IPv6 support through show ipv6 cef
  • Juniper (planned)

Installation notes

Step 1: get the code

sudo pip install aclhound


Documentation can be found here. This describes directory structure, ACLhound language syntax and examples.

Copyright and license

Copyright 2014,2015 Job Snijders. Code and documentation released under the BSD 2-Clause license.

ACLHound's inception was commissioned by the eBay Classifieds Group.