A Python micro web framework for creating dynamic websites.

pip install arcframework==2.1.7


Arc 2.0.2

Python ASGI web framework for creating fast and dynamic web applications.

Arc is a python micro framework for creating dynamic web pages. Arc is still under heavy devlopment, and all help is appreciated. Arc is built using Starlette, and runs on the lighting fast uvicorn web server.


Arc is relatively easy to get set up with. Arc is cross platform, and can be installed on any operating system. You can install it using pip.

# Windows
pip install arcframework

# Linux
pip3 install arcframework


Arc is a very easy to use libary, and is similar to other micro frameworks such as Flask or Bottle, so learning it won't be too hard. The below is an example of an Arc application.

from arc import App, TextResponse

app = App()

def home(request):
    return TextResponse("Hello, World")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Copy and paste the above and run your file, you'll get an output like the following in your console.

INFO: Running on

INFO: Press CTRL + C to stop

Now go to, and you should see Hello World being displayed on the screen.


Arc is still under heavy development abd has loads of bugs and errors that I'm constantly working on resolving. You can check out the documentation at DOCS.md. Feel free to open an issue or email me at aboominister@gmail.com, all help would be appreciated.