Lightweight pipeline engine for LSST DESC

pip install ceci==1.1


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“Ceci n'est pas une pipeline.”

A lightweight parsl-based framework for running DESC pipelines.

This is now beta status.


pip install ceci

This installs the simplest version of ceci, if you want to be able to use the parsl backend, install instead ceci[parsl].

You can then run an example pipeline from the ceci_lib directory using:

ceci test/test.yml

Adding Pipeline Stages

To make new pipeline stages, you must:

  • make a new python package somewhere else, to contain your stages.
  • the package must have an file that should import from . all the stages you want to use.
  • it must also have a file with the same contents as the example in ceci_example.
  • each stage is its own class inheriting from ceci.PipelineStage. Each must define its name, inputs, and outputs, and a run method.
  • the run method should use the parent methods from PipelineStage to get its inputs and outputs etc.