Used for integration testing with Plone

pip install collective.MockMailHost==1.1.0



collective.MockMailHost enables integration testing of email functionality from Plone. Simply add this egg to your [test] runner section, and install this product through your Layer or TestCase.

THIS IS FOR TESTING PURPOSE ONLY, do not use this product on your running Plone site. It replaces the standard MailHost with a Mock MailHost that you can poke at to check email content and recipients.

Has been tested with Plone 4 but should also work with earlier versions.


Example how to integrate collective.MockMailHost to your testing setup based on Add the package to your extras_requires section in your package's file, so buildout will automatically download the package for you.:

        'test': [

Your test layer setup could look like this example below:

from import helpers, layers
from plone.testing import z2

class MyLayer(helpers.PloneSandboxLayer):
    defaultBases = (layers.PLONE_FIXTURE, )

    def setUpZope(self, app, configurationContext):
        # Load zcml
        import collective.MockMailHost

        # Install product and call its initialize() function
        z2.installProduct(app, 'collective.MockMailHost')

        # Note: you can skip this if my.product is not a Zope 2-style
        # product, i.e. it is not in the Products.* namespace and it
        # does not have a <five:registerPackage /> directive in its
        # configure.zcml.

    def tearDownZope(self, app):
        # Uninstall product
        z2.uninstallProduct(app, 'collective.MockMailHost')

        # Note: Again, you can skip this if my.product is not a Zope 2-
        # style product

    def setUpPloneSite(self, portal):
        helpers.quickInstallProduct(portal, 'collective.MockMailHost')

        helpers.applyProfile(portal, 'collective.MockMailHost:default')

MY_FIXTURE = MyLayer()