Generate HTML presentations from plain text sources with all the power of Sphinx.

pip install hieroglyph==2.0.0



Hieroglyph is an extension for Sphinx which builds HTML presentations from ReStructured Text documents.


You can install Hieroglyph using easy_install or pip:

$ pip install hieroglyph

You can also install the latest development version, which may contain new features:

$ pip install git+

Hieroglyph supports Sphinx 1.7 and later, and Python 2.7 and 3.6.

Using Hieroglyph

You can start a new Hieroglyph presentation using the included quickstart script:

$ hieroglyph-quickstart

This will generate the Sphinx configuration, along with an optional Makefile and batch file, with Hieroglyph enabled.

If you're on something UNIX-like (Linux, Mac OS X, etc), you can then generate your slides by running make:

$ make slides

You can also add Hieroglyph as a Sphinx extension to your existing configuration:

extensions = [

Read the documentation for all the details about using, configuring, and extending Hieroglyph.


You can connect with other Hieroglyph users and the developers via the hieroglyph-users email list (Google Groups). A Gmane archive is also available.


Hieroglyph is made available under a BSD license; see LICENSE for details.

Included slide CSS and JavaScript originally based on HTML 5 Slides and io-2012-slides projects licensed under the Apache Public License.