Python package for object oriented headers, HTTP/1.1 style. Also parse headers.

headers, http, mail, text, imap, header, https, imap4, email-parsing, header-only, header-parser, headerview, http-headers, imap-headers, parser, python, requests
pip install kiss-headers==2.2.3


Welcome to Headers for Human 👋

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So simple, you may fall in love at first sight ! With auto-completion !
License: MIT Documentation Status

Why ?

No matters your religion, IMAP4 or HTTP, you should not worries about accessing easily header and associated attributes, adjectives or values.

using kiss-headers from python interpreter


Whatever you like, use Pipenv or pip, it simply work. We are expecting you to have python 3.6+ installed.

pip install kiss-headers


parse_it() method take bytes, str, fp or dict and give you back a Headers object.

from requests import get
from kiss_headers import parse_it

response = get('')
headers = parse_it(response.headers)

'Content-Type' in headers  # output: True
'Content_type' in headers  # output: True

headers.content_type  # output : application/json
'application/json' in headers.content_type  # output: True

headers.content_type.charset  # output : utf-8

👤 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are very much welcome.
Feel free to check issues page if you want to contribute.

📝 License

Copyright © 2020 Ahmed TAHRI @Ousret.
This project is MIT licensed.