Python based modular simulation & postprocessing kickass toolbox

pymoskito, control, simulation, feedback, feedforward
pip install pymoskito==0.4.0



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PyMoskito stands for Python based modular simulation & postprocessing kickass toolbox and is Free software (GPLv3)

PyMoskito is targeted at students and researchers working in control engineering. It takes care of all structure related programming a let's you focus on the important things in life: control design.

It features a modular control loop structure that already contains most of the needed blocks a control engineer needs. Basically you implement your systems dynamics as well as a fancy control law and you are ready to go. On top PyMoskito also contains a GUI which let's you easily fine-tune the parameters of your simulation.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Documentation can be found at

PyMoskito at work

The main application simulating the Tandem Pendulum system:

Image showing the awesome toolbox at work

Still here? So PyMoskito features

  • Quick setup due to lightweight dependencies
  • Modular control loop structure allowing easy configuration
  • Easy integration of own system models through open interface
  • Automatic simulation of simulation regimes (i.e. for parameter ranges)
  • Export of simulation results for dedicated post processing
  • VTK based 3D visualization interface
  • Playback functions for 3D visualization
  • Ready-to-go graphs for all simulation signals
  • Execution of external C++ code via pybind11

Getting started

Install with pip:

$ pip install pymoskito

and run an example:

$ python -m pymoskito.examples.pendulum