Scikit-learn Wrapper for Regularized Greedy Forest

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pip install rgf-python==3.12.0


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Regularized Greedy Forest

Regularized Greedy Forest (RGF) is a tree ensemble machine learning method described in this paper. RGF can deliver better results than gradient boosted decision trees (GBDT) on a number of datasets and it has been used to win a few Kaggle competitions. Unlike the traditional boosted decision tree approach, RGF works directly with the underlying forest structure. RGF integrates two ideas: one is to include tree-structured regularization into the learning formulation; and the other is to employ the fully-corrective regularized greedy algorithm.

This repository contains the following implementations of the RGF algorithm:

  • RGF: original implementation from the paper;
  • FastRGF: multi-core implementation with some simplifications;
  • rgf_python: wrapper of both RGF and FastRGF implementations for Python;
  • R package: wrapper of rgf_python for R.

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