Minimal human resource management app for Django

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pip install small-small-hr==0.4.0



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small-small-hr is a really really small and light-weight Django application that helps you (yes you!) to manage certain aspects of HR (human resource) in your small or large business/organization/whatever.


pip install small-small-hr


At this time, small-small-hr supports the following:

Employee records

You can keep track of all your employee's details. This is achieved through a custom StaffProfile model attached to your User model via a one-to-one relationship. Some of the available fields on this model are:

  • first name
  • last name
  • gender
  • birth day
  • photo
  • number of allowed leave days per year
  • whether or not overtime is allowed for the employee
  • data - a JSON field that allows you to store any extra information

Employee Documents

You can keep track of an unlimited number of employee documents (think employment contracts, performance reviews, scans of identification documents, etc). This is achieved by an StaffDocument model that has a one-to-many relationship with the StaffProfile model (above).

The fields on this model are

  • staffprofile_id
  • name of document
  • description of document
  • dcoument file

Leave management

All employees can log in and make a request for leave. To achieve this, there exists a LeaveRequest model with these fields:

  • staffprofile_id
  • request date
  • start date
  • end date
  • reason for leave
  • status (pending approval/approved/rejected)
  • comments (made by the admin, e.g. reasons for refusal)

Once a LeaveRequest object is created, an administrator should review it and approve/reject it.

Overtime hours tracking

Employees who are allowed overtime can log in and record overtime hours. This is done by an OvertimeHour model with these fields:

  • staffprofile_id
  • date
  • start time
  • end time
  • reason for overtime
  • status (pending approval/approved/rejected)
  • comments (made by the admin, e.g. reasons for refusal)

Admins can download overtime hours reports for a particular period.


All contributions are welcome.

To set up the project:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. pip install -r requirements/dev.txt
  3. pre-commit install


pip install -U tox