Extractor for .unitypackage files

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pip install unitypackage-extractor==0.5.1


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Unity Package Extractor

Extract your .unitypackage

Usage without Python

  • Download the unitypackage_extractor.zip from the Releases tab.
  • Extract everything into a new directory
  • Drag and drop your .unitypackage onto extractor.exe OR
  • Run from the command line with extractor.exe [path/to/your/package.unitypackage] (optional/output/path)

Usage with Python 3.6+

  • pip install unitypackage_extractor

  • From the command line python -m unitypackage_extractor.extractor [path/to/your/package.unitypackage] (optional/output/path)

  • OR in your Python file:

from unitypackage_extractor.extractor import extractPackage

extractPackage("path/to/your/package.unitypackage", outputPath="optional/output/path")


Building (requires pyenv)

  • pyenv global 3.6.8-amd64
  • Originally wasn't able to get this to run on Python 3.7 when it was new, but 3.6 is guarenteed to build the .exe
  • pyenv exec python -m venv venv64
  • venv64\scripts\activate.bat or venv64/scripts/activate for Linux
  • pip install -r requirements-dev.txt (Installs pyinstaller and pytest)
  • python build_exe.py
  • venv64\scripts\deactivate.bat (or you'll use the wrong python when you make another venv)
  • Do the same with pyenv and 3.6.8 and make a folder called venv32 instead


  • python -m venv venv
  • venv\scripts\activate.bat or venv/scripts/activate for Linux
  • pip install -r requirements-dev.txt (Installs pyinstaller and pytest)
  • pytest -v -s in the root directory


Refer to the python docs on packaging for clarification. Make sure you've updated setup.py, and have installed twine, setuptools, and wheel python3 setup.py sdist bdist_wheel - Create a source distribution and a binary wheel distribution into dist/ twine upload dist/unitypackage_extractor-x.x.x* - Upload all dist/ files to PyPI of a given version Make sure to tag the commit you released Make sure to update the README link tag too!