vivian is a multi-process CLI tool for URLs redirection veirfication by loading cases from a csv file. It's easy to integrated with pipeline for smoking or regression test.

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pip install vivian==0.0.1.dev11



vivian is a multi thread CLI for veirfying a large number of URLs redirection. It's easy to integrated with CI in smoke or regression test.


pip3 install vivian


pipenv install vivian


You can load a large number or URLs redirection pair from a .csv file. Like this example.csv:,,

Then you can virify the url pairs via vivian:

vivian -f example.csv

And you will get these output:

load test case from example.csv
2 cases loaded running in 2 threads
FAIL:{'status_code': 200, 'origin_url': '', 'expect_url': '', 'dist_url': '', 'redirect_count': 0, 'is_match': True, 'is_pass': False, 'auth': {}, 'err_msg': ConnectionError(MaxRetryError('None: Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by None)',),)}
1/2 PASS in 75.46944499015808 seconds

here is the explaination for the output:

status_code: the http status code of last request. origin_url: the url you request in the file. expect_url: the url you expect in the file. actual_url: the destination url you get when you made a url request. redirect_count: how many redirection happened when you request from origin url. is_match: if expect_url is same as dist_url, this value would be True, else it will be False. is_pass: if the last request http status code between 200 to 399 and is_match is Ture, this value would be True, else it will be False.

Best Practices

TDD for Redirection

Before you write url rewrite rules in nginx.conf or .htaccess, you can write the rules as test cases in the .csv. The flow will be like Green-Red-Green in a TDD style. It is a good way to protect your exsisting http server configure and you can refactor the configure with fully confidence.

Integrated with CI Server

You can keep the test case file as in your codebase as regression test or smoke test after deploy or changed http server congiuration.


MIT License