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Colors with a sense

Color are built upon a distinctive set of base colors, applied some slight modifiers to subcategories, topped with some emphasizes added to mark code origins.

eppz! xCode color scheme design process

Expression categories are distributed along color wheel.

  • Classes, type names are yellowish
  • Methods, functions, macros are teal-greenish
  • Variables, constants are red-orangee
  • Strings, numbers are in blue-cyan

Your classes are brighter

  • Framework Class-, method-, variable colors are a bit weakened (35%) to emphasize your code more

eppz! xCode color scheme preview eppz! xCode color scheme preview

Design files located in design branch.

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Clone to ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes/ (create folder if not exist already), then restart xCode. Or simply grab from Alcatraz package manager.


Licensed under the Open Source MIT license.

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