Xcode plugin for displaying information in the gutter.



Xcode plugin for displaying information in the gutter.

Screenshot of the plugin in action

It will display JSON from .gutter.json in the current project's directory, example:

{ "/some/file": [
    "line": 23,
    "long_text": "Some longer text in a tooltip when hovering over the line.",
    "name": "main",
    "short_text": "gutter text",
] }

see this file for more information. This enables the integration of abitrary tools and scripts into Xcode without the need to write yet another plugin.

Current applications

  • Show code coverage information, generated with slather. If you already have set it up, slather can generate a suitable .gutter.json by simply running:

    $ slather coverage -g path/to/project.xcodeproj
  • Show code size information of Pebble applications, using puncover - this also inspired the name of this plugin.

  • Show findings of Faux Pas, using this script to convert the JSON.



  • Clone and build the plugin yourself, it will be installed to the right location automatically by building it.


In any case, relaunch Xcode to load it.

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