Customizable library of social icons using SASS

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bower install 76d-social-icons


76design Social Icons

Almost every project we work on requires usage of some social icons. We use the Icomoon App to generate webfonts with all the social icons we need, then use some sass magic to load the fonts and map each icon to a css selector. Considering this is something we do so often, we felt that it would be beneficial to build a package that could be reused on all our projects that would give us social icon selectors for a variety of social platforms without having to rebuild it each time.

That's how 76design Social Icons came about. This package, which is available via Bower, provides social icons for different social platforms which are customizable. There are also css classes to allow different styles of social icons as well.

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Installing from Bower

bower install 76d-social-icons

Examples and Usage

Platforms Supported

  • Twitter si-twitter
  • Facebook si-facebook
  • Google Plus si-googleplus
  • YouTube si-youtube
  • Flickr si-flickr
  • GitHub si-github
  • WordPress si-wordpress
  • Blogger si-blogger
  • Tumblr si-tumblr
  • Yahoo si-yahoo
  • SoundCloud si-soundcloud
  • Skype si-skype
  • Reddit si-reddit
  • Lastfm si-lastfm
  • Rss si-feed
  • Mail si-mail
  • Stack Overflow si-stackoverflow
  • Pinterest si-pinterest
  • LinkedIn si-linkedin


Include the social-icons.css, or social-icons.scss if you're using SASS (requires Compass), and use the following css selectors.

Simple Icons

<i class="si si-twitter"></i>

Square Icons

<i class="si-square si-twitter"></i>

Circle Icons

<i class="si-circle si-twitter"></i>

Small (16x16) Icons

<i class="si si-small si-twitter"></i>

Colored Icons

<i class="si si-colored si-twitter"></i>

Colored Square Icons

<i class="si-square si-colored si-twitter"></i>

Colored Circle Icons

<i class="si-circle si-colored si-twitter"></i>


If you're using SASS, checkout the _variables.scss file for variables you can override.