Warn your users when their network goes down. Make sure they don't lose anything.

javascript, offline, vanilla
bower install Heyoffline


Heyoffline.js (actually Heyoffline.coffee)

Warn your users when their network goes down. Make sure they don't lose anything.


See demo.


You can install Heyoffline via Bower with bower install Heyoffline or download heyoffline.js and include it the old-fashined way.


new Heyoffline
  monitorFields: true
  elements: ['.monitoredFields']


new Heyoffline({
  monitorFields: true,
  elements: ['.monitoredFields']


Name Type Default Description
monitorFields boolean false If this option is enabled, message on network error will be shown only if a input/textarea/select/etc on the page was modified
prefix string heyoffline Class prefix for generated elements
noStyles boolean false Don't use the default CSS (generated by JS)
disableDimiss boolean false By default the user can dimiss the warning. With this option you can hide the dismiss button.
elements array ['input', 'select', 'textarea', '*[contenteditable]'] Field elements that will be monitored for changes - see monitorFields option.
text.title string You're currently offline Heading of the modal window
text.content string Seems like you've became offline, you might want to wait until your network comes back before continuing.

This message will self-destruct once you're online again.
Body message of the modal window
text.button string Relax, I know what I'm doing Dimissal button of the modal window


Name Provides Description
onOnline Fires then the network becomes available
onOffline Fires when the network disappears


Heyoffline.js is framework-agnostic. No need for jQuery. It's written in CoffeeScript, and compiled into JavaScript.

Source code

All efforts have been made to keep the source as clean and readable as possible.


Heyoffline.js is released under an MIT License, so do with it what you will.