Beautiful QR Code elements with custom color for AngularJS.

bower install angular-beautiful-qrcode


Angular QR Code


An AngularJS directive to creates QR Codes using Kazuhiko Arase’s qrcode-generator library.

See it in action.


The version and error-correction-level parameters are very important.

The selected version and error-correction-level must give a high enough capacity for the amount of data (bits) you are encoding, or the qrcode will not render.

For more information see


as element

<qrcode data="string"></qrcode>

with QR options

<qrcode version="2" error-correction-level="M" size="200" data="string"></qrcode>

as a downloadable image

<qrcode data="string" download></qrcode>

as a link to URL

<qrcode data="" href=""></qrcode>

download and href can’t be used on the same element (if download is present, href will be ignored)

with expressions, observe changes

<qrcode version="{{version}}" error-correction-level="{{level}}" size="{{size}}" data="{{var}}" href="{{var}}" download></qrcode>


Permitted values

  • version: 1-40

  • error-correction-level: 'L', 'M', 'Q', 'H'

  • size: integer

  • download: boolean

  • href: URL

The amount of data (measured in bits) must be within capacity according to the selected version and error correction level, see


bower install monospaced/angular-qrcode

npm install angular-qrcode

Include the qrcode generator library and the angular-qrcode.js script provided by this component in your app, and add monospaced.qrcode to your app’s dependencies.



QR Code versions

QR Code error correction