A directive built to simplify angular-point form controls.

bower install angular-point-seed



Starting point for angular-point projects.

Install the required tools

Install NodeJS: Node provides the framework for all other project components.

Open terminal and install Grunt:

npm install -g grunt-cli

Next install Bower, our package manager:

npm install -g bower

Cloning the Repository

Navigate to the local folder on your computer where the app will reside and clone the repo using terminal:

git clone

Installing Dependencies

Install the required node modules

npm install

Install project dependencies (gets everything identified in bower.json)

bower install


To see your code in the browser using grunt

grunt serve

Prepare code for SharePoint

Grunt will concat and minify our code. The output of this process is put into the /dist folder.

grunt build

Update our dependencies

We can either update all dependencies

bower update

or update a specific dependency

bower update PackageName

Run unit tests

Run a single unit test

grunt test

or run continous tests whenever a file is changed

grunt autotest

or to debug a test

grunt debugtest

Code Style

John Papa's Angular JS Guide guide should be referenced for all style and structure guidance.

Working Offline

All cached XML requests should be stored in "app/dev/", named to match the list. So as an example offline data for a list named Projects would be "app/dev/Projects.xml".