A backing repository for settings-manager, falling on as an implementation.

chrome, extension, settings-manager,
bower install chrome-extension-settings-manager



A wrapper to adapt Chrome storage sync API (for extensions) around settings-manager.

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A wrapper to make the Chrome storage sync API (for extensions) compilant with the settings-manager API.


npm install -g grunt
npm install


A build will generate usable artifacts in the dist/. Invoke a build like so:

npm run dist

Running Tests

To run tests against the source code while watching for file changes:

npm run test:watch

To run tests against the distributable code:

npm run test:all

To run coverage reports:

npm run coverage


new ChromeExtensionSettingsManager()

Creates a new ChromeExtensionSettingsManager instance. The instance will find chrome in the global namespace

load([success][, error])

Loads the settings. Takes a success callback and an error callback. The value passed into the settings callback represents the value from the backing store.

save(settings[, success][, error])

Saves the settings. Requires the settings to save and takes an optional callback for the success or error status.

clear([success][, error]])

Clears the settings. Takes an optional callback for the success or error status.


This is a basic script which can be used to build and deploy (to NPM) the project.

export VERSION=0.0.16
git checkout -b release/$VERSION
npm run dist
npm version --no-git-tag-version patch
git add package*
git commit -m 'Version bump'
npx auto-changelog -p
git add
git commit -m 'Updated changelog'
git add dist/
git commit -m 'Generated artifacts'
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff release/$VERSION
git tag -a -m 'Tagged for release' $VERSION
git branch -d release/$VERSION
git checkout develop
git merge --no-ff master
git push --all && git push --tags