jQuery circle statitic plugin

bower install circliful



  • show Infos as Circle Statistics, no images used
  • based on SVG and jquery
  • many options can be set
  • fully responsive

How to use circliful

Include circliful & jquery to your Site.

<link href="css/jquery.circliful.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

<script src=""></script>
<script src="js/jquery.circliful.min.js"></script>

It's tested up to jQuery Versions:

  • 1.12.4
  • 2.2.4
  • 3.1.0

Test it directly on JS Fiddle

Add an element to your Site with a unique id and an "container" around it that controls the size of your circle statistic, here a example with bootstrap:

<div class="row">
    <div class="col-lg-2">
        <div id="test-circle"></div>

Add this code at the end of your site

    $( document ).ready(function() {
                animationStep: 5,
                foregroundBorderWidth: 5,
                backgroundBorderWidth: 15,
                percent: 75



Option Description Type Default
foregroundColor color of the foreground circle (no color add value 'none') RGB or string #3498DB
backgroundColor color of the background circle (no color add value 'none') RGB or string #eee
fillColor fill color of circle RGB or string none
pointColor fill color of point circle RGB or string none
pointSize Size of point circle int 28.5
foregroundBorderWidth width of foreground circle border int 15
backgroundBorderWidth width of background circle border int 15
animation if the circle should be animated initially int 1
animationStep can be 1 to 100, how fast or slow the animation should be int 5
progressColor change color of foreground circle as percents changed({ 50: '#FF6C00', 60: '#FF6C00'}) object null
halfCircle draw half circle see example bellow boolean false
animateInView animate circle on scroll into view boolean false
strokeLinecap used shape at the end string butt

Percentage Text

Option Description Type Default
fontColor color of the percentage RGB #aaa
percentageY vertical position of the percentage text integer 100
percentageX horizontal position of the percentage text integer 100
percent can be 1 to 100 integer 75
percentageTextSize font size of the percentage text integer 22
textAdditionalCss additional css for the percentage text string ''
targetPercent draws a circle around the main circle integer 0
targetTextSize font size of the target percentage integer 17
targetColor fill color of the target circle RGB #2980B9
text info text shown bellow the percentage in the circle string ''
textStyle css inline style you want to add to your info text string ''
textColor font color of the info text RGB #666
textY vertical position of your info text integer null
textX horizontal position of your info text integer null
textBelow aligns string of "text" property centered below the circle boolean false
multiPercentage turns multiple bars on if set to 1 integer 1
percentages array of percent, color and title for each circle array []
multiPercentageLegend show a legend with title, color and percentage on the right integer 0
noPercentageSign to hide the percentage sign boolean false
replacePercentageByText replace the percentage shown in the circle by text string null
decimals number of decimal places to show integer 0
alwaysDecimals shows decimals while animating instead of only at the end or if less than 1 boolean false
title title of the circle string Circle Chart
description description of the circle string ''
beforePercent sign or icon before percentage string ''
showPercent when set to 0 no percentage is shown integer 1


Option Description Type Default
icon font awesome icon, details bellow string none
iconSize font size of the icon integer 30
iconColor color of the icon RGB #ccc
iconPosition position of the icon (top, bottom, left, right or middle) string top
iconDecoration decoration of icon percetage boolean true

Data Attributes

All Options can also be set as data attributes, for example:

<div id="test-circle" data-animation="1" data-animationStep="5" data-percent="58"></div>

Half Circle


    animationStep: 5,
    foregroundBorderWidth: 5,
    backgroundBorderWidth: 15,
    percent: 80,
    halfCircle: 1,


Multiple Bars


        animation: 1,
        animationStep: 5,
        foregroundBorderWidth: 7,
        backgroundBorderWidth: 7,
        textSize: 28,
        textStyle: 'font-size: 12px;',
        textColor: '#666',
        multiPercentage: 1,
        percentages: [
        	{'percent': 10, 'color': '#3180B8', 'title': 'Gryffindor' },
		{'percent': 30, 'color': '#4ADBEA', 'title': 'Ravenclaw' },
		{'percent': 50, 'color': '#49EBA8', 'title': 'Hufflepuff' },
		{'percent': 70, 'color': '#FFCA35', 'title': 'Slytherin' }
        multiPercentageLegend: 1,
    replacePercentageByText: '',
        backgroundColor: '#eee',
        icon: 'f0d0',
        iconPosition: 'middle',
        iconColor: '#273B4E'

In action:

Use callback function

Gets fired on complete.


        animation: 1,
        animationStep: 10,
        foregroundBorderWidth: 5,
        backgroundColor: "none",
        fillColor: '#eee',
        percent: 75,
        iconColor: '#3498DB',
        icon: 'f206',
        iconSize: '40',
        iconPosition: 'middle',
    }, function(){
        alert('done !');

Font Awesome Usage

Go to and copy/paste the string after the slash for Example hdd icon:

.fa-hdd-o:before {
    content: "\f0a0";

copy/paste f0a0 into the parameter field { icon: 'f0a0' }

Sign or icon before percentage

Example with sign:

    animationStep: 5,
    percent: 80,
    beforePercent: '+'

Example with icon:

    animationStep: 5,
    percent: 80,
    beforePercent: 'f0a0'

Circle with rounded ends


    percent: 80,
    strokeLinecap: 'round'


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If you find this plugin usefull or/and use it commercially please donate as much as you like.