A minimal, dependency-free, cross-browser CORS HTTP client

HTTP, CORS, XMLHttpRequest, XDomainRequest
bower install corsRequest



A minimal, dependency-free, cross-browser CORS HTTP client.

Uses XMLHttpRequest2 with a fallback to XDomainRequest.

corsRequest(method, url, [data], [done])

corsRequest.get(url, [data], [done]), [data], [done])

Performs an HTTP GET or POST request to the specified URL.

The data argument populates the request body. If it is an object, it is sent as JSON. If it is a string, it is sent as plain text. Otherwise, an empty request body is sent.

If supplied, the done callback must have signature (err, res). The request is unsuccessful if the browser reports an error or timeout. When the request is successful, the following are set:

  • res.status: the response status code (this is always 200 when XDomainRequest is used).
  • res.text: the raw response body.
  • res.json: the response body parsed as JSON, if it is valid JSON.

All functions return an object with properties method, url, data and req (the underlying request object). Properties err and res are set when the request completes. Call abort() on the object to abort the request.