A Cru branded scss theme for web projects

Keywords, scss, css, styleguide
bower install crubrand




The crubrand theme depends on these other project:

If you install the Crubrand using Bower, you will get these dependencies at the same time. If not using Bower, please be sure to install and @import these dependencies in the relevant way.


The recommended installation method is Bower, but you can install the project via a Git Submodule, or copy and paste.

Install using Bower:

If you already have an existing bower.json file, run the following command:

$ bower install --save crubrand

Otherwise, create a bower project. If you are not sure what to enter in the prompts, use the default values (by hitting return):

$ bower init

After installing the project, install crubrand as a dependency:

$ bower install --save crubrand

You can change the release number to meet your needs. For more information about release numbers see this project

When needed you can update cruband using Bower. You may need to change the release number in the bower.json file if you are updating to a new version.

bower update

Once installed, @import into your project's main scss file:

@import "bower_components/crubrand/crubrand";

You can see a sample project with examples of a basic and more involved way to use crubrand

Install as a Git Submodule

$ git submodule add

Once installed, @import into your project in its Objects layer:

@import "crubrand/crubrand";

Install via file download

The least recommended option for installation is to simply download crubrand into your project and @import it into your project.

@import "crubrand/crubrand";