SAAS Based, BEM, CSS Framework

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bower install csskit


CSSkit - SASS Based, BEM, OOCSS Framework

Getting started

This is the interim documentation for the framework. Until we get some proper stuff in place, I hope this will see to 90% of questions and issues.

What is it?

CSSkit is a powerful, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework designed with scalability and performance in mind. It has a tiny footprint, every variants is disabled by default (comes in at ~2KB, gzipped), and can be scaled as much or as little as you need.

Import order

It is important that you as the developer piece things together in the correct order. That order is:

  • Settings: Global variables, site-wide settings, config switches, etc.
  • Tools: Site-wide mixins and functions.
  • Generic: Low-specificity, far-reaching rulesets (e.g. resets).
  • Elements: Unclassed HTML elements (e.g. a {}, blockquote {}, address {}).
  • Objects: Objects, abstractions, and design patterns (e.g. .media {}).
  • Components: Discrete, complete chunks of UI (e.g. .carousel {}). This is the one layer that the framework doesn’t get involved with.
  • Utilities: High-specificity, very explicit selectors. Overrides and helper classes (e.g. .hidden {}) and the only place where !important is allowed.

The order of partials within each layer is fairly open; it is the sections themselves that are important to get in the correct order.

Edit and compile documentation page

1. go to docs/ directory:

$ cd docs

2. run sass and sass watch:

$ sass --watch scss/docs.scss:page/docs.css

3. You are all set to go

N.B. All partials—including your own—follow the <section>.<file> naming convention, e.g. _objects.box.scss, _components.navbar.scss.