Add support for adding DOM hooks within a dust.helpers

bower install dust-backbone-helpers



When you need interaction with a DOMElement which can't be expressed in a string, you're ussually out of luck with string based template engines like dust.

This isn't a big problem because you can just add the interaction code after you've added rendered the template and converted it into a DOMElements. You'd setup subviews and bindings manually or using something like Rivets.js or just re-render the view/template if something has changed.

No more! dust.domHook & dust.renderDom to the rescue

The dust.domHook() allows a dust.helper to interact with the element the hook is placed in. So you can intact with a DOMElement directly from within a template, which allows for:

  • Adding event listeners
  • Adding Backbone style subviews
  • Setup 2 way binding

All this without adding additional elements or (visible) data attributes to the dom.