Bootstrap themed per-column filter for an HTML table

bower install filterable


Filterable - UNSUPPORTED

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I no longer support this project, it is very out of date and will be even more out of date when Bootstrap 4 is out of beta. If someone wants to update the project - please submit pull request and I'll merged them.

Bootstrap and X-editable themed jQuery plugin that preforms per-column filtering for an HTML table.



  • Filterable requires both Bootstrap and X-editable. To be able to change the color of the bootstrap icons, use the Font Awesome Icons inplace of the default ones.

       <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
       <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
       <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
       <script src=""></script>
       <script src=""></script>
  • To use Filterable, just select the table that you want to use and call filterable on it.

    • $('#exampleTable').filterable();
  • To override any default options, just pass a hash of options to Filterable. This example makes filterable case-sensitive.
    • $('#exampleTable').filterable({ignoreCase: false});


  • ignoreColumns
    • Column indexes to not make filterable
    • Type: Array
    • Default: []
  • onlyColumns
    • Column indexes to make filterable, all other columns are left non-filterable.
    • Type: Array
    • This takes presidence over ignoreColumns when provided.
    • Default: null - all columns
  • ignoreCase
    • If case should be ignored
    • Type: Boolean
    • Default: true
  • isMatch($cell, query)
    • Custom function to determine if the cell matches the user supplied filter
    • Type: Function
    • Default: null
  • editableOptions
    • Any custom options for X-editable
    • Type: Object
    • Defaults: {}
  • editableSelector
    • Selector to use on each heading to define the x-editable object. If not supplied, the enire heading is used.
    • Type: String
    • Defaults: null
  • beforeFilter
    • Function to call before filtering a column
    • Type: Function
    • Defaults: null
  • afterFilter
    • Function to call after filtering a column
    • Type: Function
    • Defaults: null