An extention of the Flux classes to provide normalized actions and basic stores.

flux, dispatcher, react, facebook, stores, actions
bower install flux-plus


FluxPlus - Alpha version

Facebooks Flux principles have not been formalized into a full-stack framework yet. FluxPlus does not attempt to tackle this problem all at once but instead formalizes some additional principles and ideas to take you one step closer to a framework.

FluxPlus provides several base classes to work with in addition to the existing Flux dispatcher. Using this you can quickly implement a skeleton framework of your own.


Add flux-plus to your bower dependencies and issue bower update.


Requires node, npm and bower (globally).

npm install && bower install

Then to develop in real-time, use the default gulp action to do a build and watch.


In addition, open a second console with testem to see the unit testing results.



If you found a bug, please submit an issue. If you can, please tell us:

  • Which browser this happens with
  • How we can reproduce the error

If you want to submit code, create a pull request. For bug-fixes use the master branch as your target. For new features use the develop branch as your target.

API documentation

See /docs/api


Documentation about why these classes are structured the way they are can be found here.