A simple set of backbone views

bower install fossil-view


Fossil View

A set of Backbone base views to speed up developments.


This library can be used as a standalone component or as part of a Fossil project.

This package provides the following:

  • A Collection View is used to render a collection of model. Design an item view and you're done!
  • A Region Manager is used to split a layout into several smaller views.

View The Samples

Sample Code

A Simple Layout

var canvas = new Fossil.Views.RegionManager({
    regions: {
        content: ".content",
        sidebar: ".sidebar",
        menubar: "",
        footer: "footer"
    // `template` can either be a function or a string.
    // if `template` is a function, then it is called in view context.
    template: function () {
        return [
            '<nav class="menu"></nav>',
            '<section class="sidebar"></section>',
            '<section class="content"></section>',

canvas.registerView(new Backbone.View(), "menu");
canvas.registerView(new Backbone.View(), "sidebar");
canvas.registerView(new Backbone.View(), "content");
canvas.registerView(new Backbone.View(), "footer");

// remove a view


// Changing a subview is easy
canvas.registerView(new Backbone.View(), "content");

Using Collection Views

// use a model collection to manage items
var users = new Backbone.Collection();

var userList = new Fossil.Views.Collection({
    tagName: 'ul',
    collection: users,
    // create a view for your items
    itemView: Backbone.View.extend({
        render: function () {
            return this;


    {name: "Joe"},
    {name: "Kevin"},
    {name: "Steeve"}

// you can specify an index
users.add({name: "Walter"}, {at: 1});


If a view has the recycle property set to true, then CompositeView will just detach it instead of removing it, and it will not be rerendered as long as _rendered property is true.

Recycling aims at view reuse, so it is the developer's responsability to clear the view (using remove(force) in case of a fossil view). Use it with care

Define rendering

A view renders string property template into it's element. Following hooks can be used to override default behavior:

  • precompile(template): called on every render, to ensure template is always processed;
  • getViewData(): compile data to provide to template;
  • renderHtml(data[, helpers...]): render template;
  • onRendered(): called when element is populated;
  • attachPlugins: called only if view element is attached to the DOM. This should be used to attache jQuery widgets.
  • detachPlugins is a hook method for you to destroy jquery plugin or any behavior set up in attachPlugins. Note that it will require you to call attachPlugins manualy when the view will be attached again.

Attach and detach plugins

Some stuff should be done only after element is attached to the DOM. attachPlugins is triggered only when view is attached to the DOM, and forwarded through every Composite view. This means 2 things:

  • if you use Composite views, when you attach the top one, all subviews will call it's attachPlugins.
  • If you attach the view to the DOM after rendering, you will need to call it manually.

Note that detachPlugins is always called automaticly.


Using bower
bower install themouette/fossil-view
Using git
$ git clone git://
$ npm install

Include Fossil View In Your Project

Using AMD

First, ensure you have backbone and underscore in your shim definition, then set the fossil/view path:

    paths: {
        'fossil/view': 'path/to/fossil-view/src'
    shim: {
        'backbone': {deps: ['jquery', 'underscore'], exports: 'Backbone'},
        'underscore': {exports: '_'}

From now on, it is possible to require only the view you need:

], function (CollectionView) {
    new CollectionView();

Including The standalone Script

In your HTML, just incude the generated script:

        <script src="path/to/fossil-view/fossil-view.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
        <script type="javascript">
            new Fossil.Views.Collection();


To run local server, use the grunt dev command.

To run the test suite, use the grunt test command.